Leadership- Starting with a blank page

If I were a betting man ( which I am not), I would wager during this year, this forum and many others will raise different viewpoints on the subject of leadership. Why I am so sure of myself, is because it is an issue we continue to grapple with and shows no sign of any consensus of a suitable workable model for our times.

The plaintive calls for leadership are seemingly now a permanent part of our national dialogue without achieving any concrete outcomes, with protagonists further apart than ever.

That is not to say there is no merit in the respective parties views; it is a clear issue of no one willing to listen to each another. Under these circumstances at the current time, the prospects for a resolution across the board are remote.

We still have yet to come to terms with the elements that make up existing principles have dramatically changed and cannot be applied as before.

Maybe it is time to adopt a more pragmatic approach by setting aside existing conventions and looking at the issue using a blank piece of paper. Each element has to pass the test of workability, matching how we operate today. The world has historically gone through several different ages, although it is claimed our current one ( the digital age) contains the fastest change speed we have encountered.

Our stark reality is we need to adapt. Unfortunately, this includes disruption and discomfort for some. Probably only the passage of time will enable progress on establishing a new model later in this decade.

I ask myself, is this just fanciful thinking on my part?

Please Note: I have omitted any specific reference or views on the recent national debate on leadership. I consider it would be disrespectful to those communities who are struggling with fighting these terrible bush fires at this time.