Keeping the Faith
It is traditional at this time of year for individuals and companies to reflect on the outgoing year including successes and failures in that time period.
I have decided that in 2015 I will break with tradition and rather than to look at the past, focus on what I personally intend to do in 2016 regarding my activities on the subject of engagement of employees throughout Australia and beyond.
It is a fact that when one is championing a cause or issue there are such times when morale can be affected, the slings and arrows of misfortune can blunt your imagination and you question your will to carry on. Sometimes it can seem to be a very lonely path you furrow with seemingly little progress is being achieved; even though you know down to the very core of your being what you are advocating is correct.
In my case that break through has come in the form of two pieces of research from both home and abroad (please see the links below). The facts contained therein confirm my own findings:
So what is my agenda for 2016?
• Continue to meet with organisations to discuss why engagement is so important to their future
• Post articles
• Publicise the issue through social media
• Accept opportunities to speak at events
• Engage in conversations widening the subject to those who are interested
Simply put this is a too important for the business world to ignore, I for one will not be giving up this fight in the upcoming year anytime soon.
Ken Wood
People Interventionist
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