The passing of Margaret Whitlam last week got me thinking about her husband Gough and his 1972 election campaign slogan “It’s Time”, whether you were a fan or not of his party politics the message over forty years ago is poignant for today.

As a migrant to this country over thirty years ago, I came to a fresh, vibrant society which offered hope to all. Australia is and has been blessed with great gifts, the envy of the world but unfortunately we are witnessing what appears to be in the inexorable slide to negativity unless we start to realign our thinking. Only in times of severe adversity such as we witnessed in the Queensland floods do we break out of our apathy and show great spirit and our people come to the fore; compare this to Hurricane Katrina in the United States where the shame of government and sections of their community was plain to see as they seemingly walked away from the disaster. No one told our people to come out of their homes and come to the aid of others in our crisis it was automatic. Optimism is here we just need to wake it from its sleeping burrow.

Whilst the above action is to be admired it seems we are prepared to allow this blanket of doom and gloom to blight our lives. There is no doubt some people are doing it tough but we have to believe we can overcome this period, this can only be achieved by all of us taking a more positive attitude to how we live in our businesses , families and communities. We must acknowledge the many people who everyday live to this ethic, their actions are being marginalised due to the howl of naysayers who are an increasing component of our population, who believe the sky is about to fall in and we will all be horribly crushed.

It is a massive task to adopt this stance given the forces that are creating this environment, media, lack of direction at any political level but at the end of the day it will be down to individuals and people in leadership to create a new positive picture not blind optimism; unfortunately life is not always a “Maria Von Trapp” movie (the Sound of Music) but something we can be proud of and again recognised as a nation of vibrancy and vision.

Not only is it time but so much overdue to break away from this debilitating state of mind, we are better than this, time to show it!

Ken Wood
Business Interventionist, Optimist & Coach