“I just like to go and talk sh@# with my mates”

First of all I would like to apologise if some people are offended by the title.

These words were spoken to me from a very clever nineteen year old as he was on his way to an open air concert last week.

Listening to this boy fascinated me, intelligent, erudite, not the typical stereotype normally labelled at his generation, he like many of his number who are not given credit for their views.

At a time when we classify everything as a mental health issue here was a person who was embodying the notion of conversation, something that can assist in resolving some of life’s problems.

Of course there many cases where clinical intervention is undoubtedly required to deal with mental health issues affecting them. I would make a case that the mere act of sitting down with people and listening to their story is part of the solution.

The truth is as a society we do not seem to want to spend time really Listening to people, maybe a consequence of the life which has now evolved.

Maybe we need to take a leaf out of young Cory’s book.