The release of last night’s budget brought a sharp intake of breath from sections of the community whilst others spoke in strong tones of how it was a masterstroke.

I do not intend to comment on the actual measures announced I don’t have a commitment to any party besides that would be futile much more experienced social and economic commentators than I are able to dissect the merits of the information. What I will say the protestations regarding the issue of trust is even more confused than ever, I see it as all sides wanting a “bob” each way. Politicians want us to believe they are working in our best interests when most of their respective efforts are derided. We the public expect a continuation of a standard of living we obviously cannot afford and are unwilling to change. So both sides want to invoke the case of trust when we know in our hearts whatever happens it has again been trampled underfoot; nevertheless we make false pronouncements of our allegiance to it but fail to do anything about it. This latest so called breach of it sets off a chain reaction which will continue to perpetuate the situation adding collateral damage to relationships as it increases speed.

I place myself in the mind of a manager in a business, how does he or she motivate his or her people, the answer is they will have to work doubly hard to even maintain current levels because it more than likely they are tarred with the same brush as the Government that being in a position of authority and the vicious circle rumbles on. Over promising and under delivering is something we all need to examine, in all aspects of our society, the issue is becoming more pressing. I would like to think soon we will come to our collective senses but on the evidence of last night we have “Buckley’s chance”.

My question is “Are we brave enough to admit the former interpretation on the word TRUST is no longer valid or just continue to blindfold ourselves that nothing has changed and go on our merry way oblivious to the dangers its current interpretation presents”?