In Australia this week two separate incidents have occurred which although received negative media coverage are quite significant in how we are developing as a society.
The incidents to which I refer were a prominent Sydney identity supposedly “glassing” a friend in an up market eatery whilst in a very inebriated state and laughing off his behaviour. The second being an ex-Adelaide footballer and commentator being caught out making very offensive remarks on radio.
In keeping with our modern environment the news was beamed around the country in seconds and was met with a big outcry with a huge negative response.
What is being witnessed here is a changing of the guard where behaviours once accepted as the norm are now viewed with utter distain. The old “knock about “Australian culture appears to be on the wane. This is not to say we should lose our identity far from it but we need to understand the world has changed and we have to adapt to a different standard of behaviour.
It can to be viewed through the prism of Australian society going through a positive increase in our  growing maturity as a nation and how we are viewed by others.