Following the astounding political events in Australia over the past week and probably with more to come in the coming days. I believe some very clear and irrefutable evidence has emerged which for people in business should make us prick up our ears.
I am aware of the old adage one should not mix politics and business or religion together in conversations as it is likely to end up in a state of disagreement between the parties who ever they may be. Ok I shall partially take heed and at least omit any religious references in the following piece!

Let’s be honest the state of politics in many western democracies has taken sizable hits to their respective credibility’s in the past few years; loss of confidence and trust being the main casualties. Of course you cannot eliminate business from these conversations as they too have suffered collateral damage.

From a political standpoint it has becomes patently clear, you cannot run any country by dictating to the population or go back on your word because of this we are seeing a massive backlash to this approach.

For business the challenges in terms of communication are not insignificant finding new ways to handle the constant feed of information, how to train our managers and future leaders to interpret information which can easily be erroneous or untrue and alert them to the pitfalls of using these mediums recklessly.

Added to this view I would signal a warning that the new social mediums have championed the extensive use of consultation, which is to be welcomed but that said the key is to find that delicate balance understand, listen and “read” your people. The situation could evolve where too much consultation binds good decision making hand and foot; creating a state of inertia encouraged by a rather rabid media who see their role to create controversy rather than playing their part in seeking solutions to complex problems we face.

As an avid user of LinkedIn, I read many splendid articles by subscribers but I see too many requests to define leadership, it is disheartening as plainly we are not applying enough thought to the type of issues that are and will confront people in business today and tomorrow.

It is not my intention to be offensive but is it not time to raise the level of discussion. Let’s stop looking in the rear view mirror and hoping that a “Pied Piper”* will come along and make it right, only we collectively can forge a better business future by getting and acting on messages given to us.

Ken Wood

Please note; this blog was written last weekend before the “Spill “in Canberra on Monday

* The Pied Piper was a mythical figure who reputedly was hired by the villagers of Hamlyn in Germany centuries ago to rid them of a plague of rats.