44673-jpcoal-miners-sonKen published his first book, From Coal Dust to Gold Dust (The journey of a miner’s son) in December 2010.

From Coal Dust to Gold Dust is the true story of a coal miner’s son who enters the world of corporate troubleshooting. An odyssey of international travel, culture and human behaviour where one’s spirit and values are tested to the full and  life’s simple lessons are relearned.


Coal Dust to Gold Dust is a must read book. From cover to cover, Ken’s journey had me intrigued every step of the way. His story is both interesting and inspiring and I found it difficult to put the book down. The depth of experience Ken has achieved in his years is brought to life brilliantly. 10/10.”

Shane Robins, South Australia

I just finished reading From Coal Dust to Gold Dust. I must say I enjoyed this new book immensely and found it very easy to read. I looked forward to every new chapter in the author’s life. Many of us have a picture of a tough life in English coal mines after seeing films including old black and white footage. So it is no surprise that that author starts in a coal town with humble beginnings rising to become a successful business executive troubleshooting his way around the world, often leaving his family at “home” wherever that was. Stories reveal a young man’s career, his aspirations and personal growth over a forty year period. What surprised me was not the highs and lows or difficult times over this period but the honesty with the author describes each event. The journey is of a modern family experiencing people and countries all over the world before ending up in Adelaide, South Australia. A great story that will interest many.”

Peter Lawrence, Western Australia

“Amazing, inspiring and very fun. Ken has the knack of making the reader feel as though he or she is there with him. He seems to have a boundless energy to test new waters and learn other cultures. Once you start reading this book you won’t want to put it down.”

Sheryl Caston, Adelaide

New Book  Estimated Launch Date March 2019

“A Tin Can Education”

A whimsical look at my love/hate relationship with air travel, the highs and lows and how led to an education I could have never envisaged