Finding our Happiness- much work to be done!

Last week I posted a piece on my site about how we are struggling to find a level of happiness in our lives with a perspective that life has become very fractious.

When I make the decision to post something on my site or other social media outlets I do so with the intent to exercise balance and not to use it as an opportunity to rant. I am self-critical and even after posting, often revisit the posting.

One day after publishing I had occasion to interact with two seemly rather educated ladies in their later years about the future. This interlude lasted about ten minutes and in that time both ladies expressed a total disregard for the issues facing the next generations, there was no common ground or acknowledgement of the problems that exist.

It was not that I am expecting a vindication of my post, anyone who expresses a public opinion can expect others to hold different views.

It indicated how wide is the chasm between the generations is and how we have so much more education we need to perform to achieve a more balanced society.