A few weeks ago I completed some research regarding Management Development & Awareness Training in Australia, this after a twelve month study involving many interviews.

When the time came to release the results I felt remarkably nervous, after all who was I to stick my neck out against what could be considered some heavyweight opponents, those whose views did not coincide with mine especially regarding the promotion of leadership programs; which I believe are being commercially exploited and do not give the desired outcomes as promised.

Before commencing my study I felt a deep feeling in my gut that we needed to make a statement about the direction of development tools for Australian managers.  I also displayed some reticence to undertake this work; it reflected a feeling of self-preservation as my perception was that it might be dangerous to test thoughts that are against the popular mainstream as I earn my very living in this marketplace.

It ironic that this probably one of the aspects of leadership that from time to time confronts us “Should one take a risk”? Or just stay silent and let others take the strain. I should really have known I would take a chance that has historically been the case, I can be a little impetuous.

For others this may not be the case and would not advocate this course of action for everyone but in life and business there will come a time when I am sure such a situation will arrive at your door. Your criteria may involve passion, conviction and estimate of risk whatever your decision it is yours to own.

I am very fond of the quotation from the late Dr .Martin Luther King:


Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.



PS It seems my gut feeling was correct as the majority of responses to my proposition were supportive of my view.