Engagement with your People- What is your Strategy


Hosted By New Venture Institute (Flinders University Tonsley Campus)
Thursday 22nd October 2015, 8.30am-10am

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today we are announcing a new event in our Breaking the Mould  series regarding the issue of Engagement of your people.

Some months ago we launched the above initiative to enable the broadening of debate and discussion surrounding the future development of people. We have put forward some new thinking around the content of future programs which includes self-awareness, resilience, managing up together with improved business intelligence for managers.

In recent times much of the focus has been directed at senior leadership development and whilst we believe this is important we also are of the point of view that other elements need to be considered to strengthen the skill base of our potential leaders the workplace.

Recent surveys conducted by Deakin University and SACS Consulting together with our own frontline research reveal that engagement levels within Australia are at the lowest level for some considerable time. This research also points to the exceptional low morale of our managers.
In order for Australia business to be competitive in the global market it is essential we ensure our people are skilled and engaged for the challenges ahead.

It is our intention to conduct a short session on Thursday 22nd October 2015 entitled

Engagement with your People – What is your Strategy?
Topics included in this session are:
• Outlining key elements and what has changed
• Front line experiences and case studies
• How to establish your own strategy?
• Open forum & Questions

We believe this event may be of interest to- Business Owners, Directors & Senior professionals in organisations.
Following the conclusion of the session our hosts are offering a free tour of the Tonsley Campus:
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