Specialised Workplace Engagement

A problem decades in the making

The business world has changed immeasurably over the past couple of decades.

The progress of technology—digital in particular—has been staggering, both in scope and speed. It has drastically changed business models, turbo-charged globalisation, created whole new industries and disrupted many others.

And while that’s clearly created unprecedented opportunities, it has also generated an enormous amount of stress and uncertainty. It’s very hard for employees to feel secure and committed when the ground they’re standing on is constantly shifting (or they fear it soon will be).

Compounding this, a number of globally significant events have occurred to shake people’s confidence and trust in corporate entities. At the top of the list, of course, is the GFC but also scandals in  the political area  have had an impact.

We’ve also seen generational change coinciding with the rise of truly 24:7 media; including, of course, social media. Opinions are now everywhere, all the time. Some are informed, others not; some are well meaning and constructive, while others can be damagingly judgmental.

Make no mistake, if your workforce is  disengaged
it’s costing you money

Here’s what the research tells us about the hard costs of poor workforce engagement:

  • Business units in the bottom 25% in terms of employee engagement are 18% less productive than those in the top 25% of engagement (Harter et al., 2009).
  • Disengaged employees are 87% more likely to leave their employer (The Corporate Leadership Council, 2004), leading to an annual cost in staff turnover to Australian businesses of around $33 billion (Business Review Australia, 2013).
  • A study of Fortune 100 companies found an incredible 1,000% increase in errors among disengaged employee groups relative to engaged groups (Gonring, 2008).
  • Absenteeism is 37% higher in organisations scoring in the bottom 25% on engagement (Harter et al., 2009).

Commonsense—and Banyan’s own  research study—also tells us that disengagement can have a severely negative impact on staff’s morale, motivation, teamwork and capacity for innovative thinking, slowly eroding organisational culture.

We present to you RE:ENGAGE a program supplying a vastly superior investment to generic professional development.

What we offer:

  • Custom-designed for you—we’ll tailor a RE:ENGAGE program to address your organisation’s real and specific needs, whether entrenched cultural issues, ‘problem’ departments, or event-triggered crises
  • Direct impact on profitability—higher workforce engagement leads straight to higher productivity which puts more profit in your organsation’s coffers.
  • Help where it’s needed mostRE:ENGAGE supports the vital, but often under-trained role of the middle manager in converting executive leaders’ vision into committed and enthusiastic organisation-wide performance.
  • Highly flexible formatRE:ENGAGE programs can be run over a year, several months or just a few weeks. You can even request one-off single-day sessions or ‘refreshers’ as and when issues arise.
  • Virtually unlimited participants—from a single individual to an entire management tier.
  • Run wherever convenient—all RE:ENGAGE sessions can be conducted wherever it best suits you, whether at your premises or an agreed off-site venue.
  • Extremely cost-competitive—tailored RE:ENGAGE sessions and programs compare very favourably with generic training on a cost-per-participant basis.

Want your workforce to start lifting its performance?

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How do we do it?

At Banyan Management  we believe the key to organisation-wide improvement in engagement lies with the often-forgotten group known as “middle” managers.

While considerable resources have been invested in developing executive leadership in recent years—and with undoubted benefits—this has not had an appreciable impact in the specific area of staff engagement.

Its the level of management that sits between the executive and on-the-ground staff that has the highest level of employee interaction, and therefore the greatest potential to influence workforce engagement. They just need the right tools for the highly complex, rapidly changing business environment that has become the new “normal”.

It’s for exactly this purpose that we’ve created RE:ENGAGE.

We can help your managers achieve
significant change in under 12 months

Banyan will create a tailored RE:ENGAGE training program for your middle managers to address three key areas—awareness, skills and culture.

In the area of awareness we will help them develop a deep understanding of:

  • The key behaviours that will have the greatest impact on their team’s engagement: genuine care for each individual; facilitation of autonomy; positivity and supportiveness; relationship building; accountability; and continuous learning.
  • The specific key messages and issues you need to communicate to staff, and why they’re so important. These will be identified in direct consultation with you, and can be tied to any area of your business.
  • How those key messages tie into your broader organisational goals and strategies, both short and long-term, and/or trends and developments in your market or industry.

In the area of skills we’ll show them:

  • How to adapt what the key behaviours identified above “look like” in order to engage different generational groups.
  • Proven and practical techniques for building resilience—both their own and their team members’—so that staff engagement doesn’t suffer when things get tough.
  • Modern methods for “managing up” and developing better relationships with executive management, so that both parties understand each other’s circumstances and can support each other in working towards the common goal of workforce engagement.

And in the area of culture we’ll provide them with valuable insight into:

  • How organisational culture can support or erode engagement, and why it’s crucial to your success.
  • Why they, as managers, are the “flagbearers” of your culture (and how they should wave it).
  • What circumstances typically lead to cultures failing, how to see them coming, and how to right the ship if they’ve already arrived
  • On demand—to cost-effectively address specific issues or emergencies as they arise.Over many months—to target multiple, or broad cultural objectives.

Your program can be readyin a matter of weeks

The process of having a tailored RE:ENGAGE program created for your managers is very simple:

  1. BRIEFING: contact us to request a complimentary preliminary meeting to discuss your specific issues and needs surrounding workforce engagement.
  1. RESEARCH: we’ll then enhance our understanding of your organisational and industry context through various forms of research, including study of any materials you supply, relevant online resources, and consultation with industry bodies.
  1. PROPOSAL: a formal RE:ENGAGE program proposal will then be prepared for your review, outlining recommended content, timeframe, scheduling and cost. This will usually be around 2 weeks from the time of briefing.
  1. DELIVERY: pending the incorporation of any changes you request to the proposal, the initial training session(s) will then be tailored over a further fortnight, ready for launch.


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As flexible as you need

RE:ENGAGE sessions and/or programs can be run in whatever format best suits your needs and budget.

  • In intensive blocks—to confront isolated, but entrenched problems head-on.
  •   As an extended maintenance program—with regular refresher and update sessions scheduled throughout the yea
  • And of course we’ll document our progress every step 0f the way
  • Regardless of the RE:ENGAGE format you choose, we will prepare an informative summary for you of each and every session.This will outline: exactly what was covered; any actionable steps or goals that came out of it for participants; and our observations of how participants were engaging and responding.Similarly, upon completion of a defined program we’ll prepare a comprehensive report covering all the above in significantly greater detail, along with any recommendations for ongoing or follow-up activity

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Delivered  by a highly experienced people specialist

RE:ENGAGE has been developed and facilitated by Banyan founder and Director Ken Wood, a highly skilled management consultant, educator and facilitator with an outstanding 30-year track record.

Ken has spent a good number of those 30 years working as an international corporate trouble-shooter, being contracted by organisations in many different industries and countries to guide them through particularly “prickly” workforce-related issues.

As a result, he’s seen first hand the devastating effect that staff disengagement can have, and has made it his mission to study and adapt the latest, and ongoing research in the area to meet his clients’ specific, individual needs.

So what can you expect to invest?

Our aim is provide all tailored RE:ENGAGE sessions and programs at a very competitive price.

And although this will vary from case to case depending on the nature of the brief, as a rough guide we envisage each single-day session to be charged at approximately $500 per participant.

This is substanially less than comparable, one-size-fits-all generic offerings, and attractive discounts are available for extended programs.

Don’t delay—start RE:ENGAGING your workforce now

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