“For those who doubt the impact of poor engagement with their people are greatly mistaken. In my opinion It is becoming a critical key to a business’s sustainability and future success.”

Ken Wood
People Specialist


Historically business has always experienced cycles of boom and many have been able to navigate through the necessary changes to enable it to continue to operate successfully. 

Today business faces a situation unparalleled in modern times, that is the rate and nature of change has spiralled to levels never witnessed before. A complex amount of issues have combined to present challenges of enormous proportions...One of those issues is the engagement of the people This is further complicated is that some of these events are external and completely out of the control of most organisations .Therefore is a need to focus on actions that can effect a measure of success in reengaging.

It should also not be forgotten that this issue is not a one-way street business cannot shoulder all the responsibility for arriving at workable solutions ; this needs to involve input from individuals and they are required to undertake a more pragmatic view in reaching better outcomes.

Rate of Change


Change Factors


As a consequence of these events we have seen the relationship between employers and employees deteriorate sharply with the recording of declining engagement levels which can have serious consequences for a business’s future fortunes.

Strong evidence suggests that this has affected profitability, loss of motivation, increased turnover with it resulting additional costs and a suppression of innovative thinking.

With extensive experience dealing with this challenge I have evolved a program to assist organisations in attempting to raise and sustain engagement levels.

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