I would like to tell you a little story about my soon to be 94 year old mum Iris, who lives in England, home of my birth.

Mum has been a very active and resilience person who like most people has seen the ups and downs of life as many of her age have too.

Living on the other side of the world I infrequently get to visit her but on  a recent trip it came home to me how life has changed for people of this generation. Let me tell you her story:

Mum on a weekly basis goes to the Post Office to collect her pension, it is quite an event for her because she  lives nearby and to be truthful  it all about contact with the lovely young lady “June” who chats to her about all manner of things including the weather to her aches and pains. You may have gathered she is from the cash in her hand era.

Two weeks ago she received a letter informing her that the Post Office was closing down; in its place there would be an ATM installed on a wall nearby where she could withdraw her pension, she was furious and saddened, I tried to explain why this was happening but it was to be of no avail. (I was always taught your mum is always right}. Fortunately In reality my siblings will now take turns to withdraw it for her.

Disruption and change is not uncommon to most people of a younger age but for this section of society it is rather unfathomable.

My point being whatever the form of disruption that is  taking place we have to attempt  to work out ways to make it is less painful for vulnerable people, I am not sure that it is attainable but we need to be mindful, after all we may be in that position one day.

Ken Wood