Could-do-betterIn our household we are continually discarding items we have accumulated over the years and yet we do not seem to get ahead of the stockpile. Recently I was trying to sort out a heap of documents we had not touched for many many years when I came across something that was written almost 50 years ago, it was my final school report.
Upon reading it was not the horror story that I mostly remember in fact it was very good that is apart from the comments from my art teacher Mr Davidson, here is what he wrote “ No talent to speak of, could do better.” I’m sure those remarks even though they were hundred percent correct would not be deemed appropriate  today. Over the years I have dined out on that story many times reducing my companions to shrieks of laughter and shock at my tutor’s audacity in writing such a thing. Thankfully throughout my career I have never had to rely on my art skills and believe the world is a better place for it.
So as we are about to enter another year it got me thinking maybe it might be timely to ask myself some pertinent questions “What could I do better in 2016?”, after taking a little time for thought I came up with the following:
Business: To fight and display even more passion in convincing people of the need for sensible change and discussion especially in the field of engagement of people. (Make a better living from my business in the upcoming year lol).
Family: Continue to further understand how precious they are to the fabric of my life.
Life: To do as much good as my circumstances allow, jettison those people who make a negative intrusion into my life and apply the principles of fairness to all who I come into contact with.
Happy for anyone who feel they would like to share their thoughts?
All my best to you in 2016
Ken Wood
People Specialist