Conversations about People Skills- What really is going on?

Some connections may have noticed of late I have been exceptionally vocal regarding the adoption of a better balance between technology and people skills.

Partly this has been driven by my long-held passion to raise awareness about major people issues that are confronting us. Additionally my intent to take action by offering a range of services through my company Banyan Management Services for business, students, and the individual.

In the course of the promotion of the above services, I have been seeking a cross-section of views some of which I think I would like to share with you together with my own interpretations.

There were rather strong reactions expressed by the older generation who lamented the lack of skills of the younger generation with particular views about their limited life skills.

It was clear that the gulf between the generations has widened on this subject and maybe a divide that cannot be closed until the baby boomers leave the workplace, so firm are their views.

It would be foolish to refute some of their claims, as there are real problems brought about by technology, innovation, and strikingly major social change.

Those involved in business cited problems associated with a constant focus on the need for training in communication, collaboration, and teamwork, this stretching across all sections of the workforce.

What became evident during the exchanges is that although criticism is leveled at one generation the problem is much deeper with the erosion of people skills affecting our society as a whole.

This is our dilemma, in the main we gladly accept most of the introduction of technology but this has created issues how we interact with one another. In a world of mass communication, we have appeared to choose convenience over the need to engender strong and meaningful relationships in our dealings with each other.

By simply apportioning blame will lead us nowhere, this is a global phenomenon that needs to be thought through, it is affecting many sectors in our communities. We have to be part of the solution (it’s an old line but still applies, even today).

As always in life we have choices, they are ” Accept these changes we are witnessing are fine and that we do not see a problem” or ” We at least try to maintain a level of people skills which can enable us to operate alongside the technology developments we know are set to continue”.

Ken Wood
Banyan Management Services Pty Ltd