Over the last twelve months we have closely observed the rising cost of management training in the market. This is at a time when many organisations are struggling due to rather weak economic conditions and inevitably their respective investments in training may have had to be reduced or even curtailed completely.
We have made a strategic decision to try to ease the burden of companies in these difficult times by adjusting our prices accordingly for the programs we offer. If you will allow me I would like to explain our reasoning for this move.
There is an urgent requirement for companies to continue to invest in their management team due to the rapidly changing landscape but for the reason given current conditions may prove an impediment. As a small business we too have seen such times and have a great deal of empathy for those who are finding trading difficult.
We have been canvassing strongly that management development should be extended to more than the current trend of Leadership training that has been prominent in the various offerings of providers. Our offerings are a departure from this trend and we are passionately willing to sacrifice returns for the cementation of new thinking which we believe can improve the skills of managers for the future.
Now if I look at this from your perspective perhaps you may be tempted to think that offers such as the one we are making must have a “catch” such as lack of content and quality.
Let me personally assure you there is no hidden agenda or “catch” to this announcement, we genuinely want to assist companies in being a part of broadening the skills of managers which we see as vital for the future prosperity of Australian Business.
Our next series The series Breaking the mould will continue (Manager Awareness Programs) will released late April 2015. Please visit our website www.kenwoodspeaking.com.au (Upcoming Events 2015) for further details or call me direct on +610408811799 for a quick chat.
Thank you

Ken Wood
Banyan Management Services Pty