Hats off to  Mr.Kimon Lycos who is at the head of promoting SA’s achievement through the Impact Awards.
Kimon was on the ABC, Adelaide this morning talking with former premier Dean Brown about the many successes of our state and its companies.

It is time to put aside party politics and recognise the state is going through a transition and the problems we are witnessing today are inevitable and this is something we all need to deal with whoever is in power.


South Australia has to wake up to the fact the world has changed and no matter how much it may be uncomfortable at this time we have talent in abundance which needs to be encouraged and nurtured.

To suggest an easy “fix” is at hand is purely nonesense!
I suggest the naysayers take a trip to the Flinders University Campus at Tonsley they will be surprised what is being achieved, truly inspiring.
The future for South Australia can be bright we just have to start believing.
Ken Wood
People Specialist, Mentor.