Operating a small business (as I have for over a decade), it is periodically prudent to analyse what I offer to my clients and the market to ensure those services are both relevant and attractive.

Existing services have revolved around assisting business and people to achieve better outcomes in a range of issues, this has been achieved by intervention, facilitation, business education, coaching and mentoring.

Having an extensive background as a business trouble-shooter and coach, both here and overseas those experiences have afforded me the great privilege and opportunity to meet and work with a wide cross section of people from different backgrounds and cultures.

The analysis I mentioned above has caused me to pose the question to myself, “What are the key issues that business and people face today and beyond”?  How can I further meaningfully contribute to this particular challenge using my experience?

We have undergone tumultuous changes in recent decades, all involve one key element, that is how people react  to their particular changed circumstances.

Globalisation, technology and the mobility of labour have all contributed in creating a set of operating conditions which has completely changed the landscape of how people act, work and live. Other major factors being the imminent change of generations together with a popular assessment that expectations have now been elevated to an unstainable level creating further questions how we find solutions to these new circumstances?

To underline the current situation the following results of a survey conducted by * Seek Learning  of just under 1000 people in Australia, revealed that 47% interviewed were unhappy in their current roles furthermore 50% envisage they will seek alternative employment in the next two years. One can attempt to interpret these findings but the truth is there are a whole range of reasons people change careers, aspirations, passion, frustration, change of circumstances, company culture and national economic confidence.

Implications for employers are many , including selecting the” right person fit “ for the organisation, getting it wrong can place a very heavy  financial burden up to 1.5 times of an annual salary, instability and affecting a company’s culture. The assumption that these new conditions have created an increased pool of great available talent is not necessarily the case. To unearth the best talent for your business the more thorough your deliberations and decision making process is the more the odds will fall in your favour in finding the best solutions for your needs. Additionally managing expectations of existing employees now requires special attention which is consuming a great deal of management time. We are unfortunately seeing an increase in the need for skilled counselling to resolve conflicts and disputes.

The decision to change jobs or careers can be a life changing event which can release a whole range of emotions to satisfy the direction you may wish to take. There can be no denying the opportunities that exist today can be extensive but in considering such a change one needs to mindful that competition has become fierce and to give yourself the best chance to be successful you need to present your skills and personal attributes in the best possible light. Conducting a    self-audit and seeking practical advice will help you on that journey.

We are seeing growth in people’s interest in self-development, personal growth and awareness, I foresee this becoming a permanent feature of how we work and live. This could be one of keys to how we engage our workforce by balancing essential training with a degree of self-motivation analysis which is being flagged by the next generation of managers and employees.

Therefore having taken into account these indicators I have decided to extend my services by launching Careers in Focusoffering assistance to business and individuals in the area of career and people advice. I strongly believe I can contribute by using my people experience, business acumen and personal style to the market place that can achieve meaningful outcomes for a number of interested parties.

By launching this service I wish to continue my work with business and people which has always been my chosen purpose and passion in life.

Ken Wood


Careers in Focus

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