Definition of People Skills?

Good people skills are defined as the ability to listen, to communicate and to relate to others on a personal or professional level. Good people skills also extend to include problem-solving abilities, empathy for others.

Why are they important?

People Skills add value to an organisation and the Individual… They are those sets of ideas that enable a person to effectively communicate with others and decrease the possibility of miscommunication. It helps in resolving issues or conflicts at workplace. … Thus, mutual understanding and effective communication skills is a must in order we work together toward the common good.

In the past three decades the rapid advancement of technology has brought many varied things to our society both positive and negative.

One could say many of the revolutionary changes have enriched how we live but we are also witnessing hard evidence that human behaviours have taken a different form with a severe erosion of face to face contact. These being replaced by technological advances in the form of a myriad of communication devices.

The reality, we will continue to develop further technologies into the future but also we need to maintain our human interaction skills, one cannot exist without the other. Further education is how we restore balance and redress this situation…

Unfortunately we are seeing an erosion of those people skills which if it remains unchecked will result in serious consequences for society. Face to face communication especially has been a casualty with the worry, this will lead to misinterpretation of people’s true intentions.

There is a school of thought that this issue is exaggerated and over time it will resolve itself, this goes against all the indicators we are seeing. From business, academia to the individual the struggle to maintain people skills is being played out.

The question we pose” Is it time for you or your organisation to act”?

Further education is how we restore balance and redress this situation

                         Banyan is committed to building people skills.



A list of People Skills