Building People Skills-Who cares?- We do!

Over a sixteen year period, our company Banyan has been engaged in a range of activities from intervention, conflict, change and culture. of course, these have had the core element in terms of people interaction.

In this time we have studied and observed many fundamental changes to our landscape including those how we conduct business, advances in technology, communication and social change.

Our conclusions lead us to believe our future contribution to the Australian marketplace and community should be mainly directed to the advancement of people skills development.

The reasoning for this decision stems from a series of events, such as the astonishing continued growth of technology and how this has affected behaviours together with the negative aspects of that growth.

This is not to say the advancement of technology and innovation has not brought many benefits to our lives but the disruption and its acceptance by certain sections of the populations has created a serious imbalance leading to a drop in face to face communication being played out in many different scenarios throughout the land, this tarnishes those achievements due to fragmenting of people contact.

It seems unthinkable that even though we will witness further technological milestones in the coming years reducing our ability to conduct essential face to face conversations. It is unfortunate we are seeing examples across the spectrum in the erosion of those people skills with the potential to marginalise our respective inherent talents unless we are prepared to act.

This is an extremely big task but we are committed to building people skills that will serve us into the future. This is no wacky pipe dream, we consider this to be one of the society’s biggest challenges which have seemingly been ignored. We have wasted too much time arguing and discussing the merits of the various generations which has harmed progress, too little time has been spent in finding solutions in living and working with new technologies and at the same time maintaining vital human contact.

It is not our intention to promote some sort of movement, only to play a small part in ensuring we assist in the securing of the vital skills we still rely on, are not diminished any further.

It is time for action and Banyan is ready to take up the challenge

We are committed to building people skills.