Question: Is engagement high on your agenda, if it is this may interest you?

I recently launched “Breaking the Mould” a series of views, presentations and workshops intended to assist in raising the levels of engagement within organisations. In my opinion this a difficult conversation but one we must inevitably have. Recent studies have revealed Australian business is experiencing its lowest levels for some time. The evidence shows it is having a major impact on profitability and stability in companies, we need to focus how we can improve matters.
We have researched along with others what are the factors that has triggered this situation and measures that can be implemented to achieve some improvement.
I would like to offer subscribers and contacts an opportunity for senior personnel to examine our findings and suggestions how this may be useful for their respective organisations. This is a genuine attempt to raise the bar regarding working with your people.
There is no financial obligation or “sting in the tail” to this offer, the least that can be achieved is you are equipped with facts enabling you to establish a sound people engagement strategy for the future.
Who might participate in such a presentation?
Business Owners
Senior HR personnel
Senior managers
Training providers
Period of Offer: 15th July -31st August 2015
Presentation: I hour duration
Cost: FOC
Venue: Yours premises or venue of your choosing
Bookings: By appointment will be on a first come first serviced basis
If you require any further information or have other queries please visit my website.
Or call me direct on either 1800 555 678 or 0408811799
If this of no interest to you or your organisation please accept my apologies.

Ken Wood
People Specialist