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Support can be displayed in a number of ways from a leadership perspective and within teams, this month’s case study relates to a possible situation.

Although we recognise there is major problem with the reduction in today’s people skills, we should not be blind to dismissing the great efforts that are being made by some members of our community and business.

Linda worked for a local insurance broker within a team of six and was a specialist in processing claims for the leisure boat industry.

The team collaborated well together as a group and they decided to engage in an annual event where they would “push the boat out” and have a rather lavish dinner somewhere in town.

Throughout the year each member of the team contributed a monthly amount to pay for the event.

On the day of the planned celebration an urgent claim arrived on Linda’s desk, this was no ordinary claim and would take a lot of work in order to process it. She came to the quick realisation that she would need to tell her colleagues that she would have to work late and miss the dinner.

She reluctantly informed them of her decision and of course, all were devastated that Linda would not be joining them.

Unknown to Linda, the team convened a secret meeting and all agreed that the event should be postponed even they would all suffer some financial loss with the loss of their deposit. Furthermore, they would offer their respective assistance to assist her with a large amount of work needed to be performed that night.

Linda was overwhelmed by their intentions and initially refused their offer. The team would not take no for an answer and all were adamant they would not change their decision.

However not all was lost, the claim was processed within a record time of twenty-four hours and the General Manager of the company who had been unaware of the event until that point decided to pay for the cost of the dinner, to be scheduled for a later date.

Oh, what a night they had!!

Possible Learnings

When teams work together in difficult circumstances, remarkable outcomes can be achieved.

The gesture made by the General Manager will not go unnoticed by the company staff ultimately resulting in a stronger culture.

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Please be advised resemblance to any persons contained in these scenarios living or deceased, is purely coincidental.

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