Banyan- Taking the Initiatative with People Skills

                                 (Ken presenting  People & Technology-Solving the Equation)

Hello Readers,

May I  respectfully pose to Linkedin members some questions?

Business ” How do feel about the level of People Skills in your business and do you seek improvement?

Graduate Students- “Do you feel you need to enhance your  People Skills in order to achieve employment when you leave university or if you plan to engage in a Start Up venture?

The Individual – Do you wish to improve your chances of securing or changing employment by enhancing your People Skills.

During the sixteen years of Banyan’s history, we  have never witnessed such a hotly debated issue with clients,and members of the general public causing so much discussion and angst, this being the erosion ofpeople skills affecting changes in human interaction.

With the rapid advent of technology and innovation, it appears we have sacrificed some of the skills which form the basis how we interact. This is having a major impact how we live, these include face to face conversations, teamwork and collaboration.

In our opinion, although we believe that debate and discussion are healthy there can be no substitute for taking action and to that end, we intend to take the lead.

Through my company Banyan, I am committed to offering my services and experience to parties who feel strong People Skills are the key to successful outcomes.

In the coming weeks, we will be offering organisations and individuals a range of services to deal with the challenges surrounding this subject.

If anyone has queries or urgent issues please contact me directly ( details) can be found below:

Finally, may I take this opportunity to thank those who have read this post?

Ken Wood

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