Banyan -Concentrating on what matters!

February 2019 marked the 17th year of operations for Banyan Management.

I would like to thank those who have sent messages of support and send my best wishes to all business friends and contacts.

This year will signal a major turning point in Banyan’s History and a change of direction for me personally.

During the last thirty years I have assumed the role of trouble-shooter, mediator, facilitator and coach, roles, I have enjoyed immensely.

In the last twelve months or so I have spent an increasing amount of time listening and talking to people from all parts of our community in an effort to analyse how I can contribute my skills to working through the challenges that confront us.

All of the of the great opportunities and challenges afforded me so far in my career I am the belief there is a great deal more than can be performed in supporting the individual.

The empirical evidence suggests we have to dedicate more time to understand the issues people are facing. In what has become an extremely complex world? I interpret this that we have to achieve improved levels of listening.

Whether it is career issues, loss of motivation and inspiration, or just an opportunity to express their current situation there are growing signs we are falling short in our efforts.

There can be no doubt mental health issues in our society are a major concern but we should be continually searching for alternative ways we can assist people without clinical intervention.

Many of the issues can be resolved by listening to a person’s story, showing empathy and assisting them in working through their issues. Perhaps bringing a different perspective.

As wondrous as the march of technology it can never be a substitute for the simple act of people sitting down to talk.

It will be essential any programs developed will take into account the rapidly changing social conditions and the environment people are experiencing, affecting moods and behaviours.

It is my intention that the services to be offered will concentrate on assisting the individual by way of a counselling model “Listening with Purpose” (See Listening).

Although it may be viewed as a small contribution to a larger problem, given the results I have witnessed I am confident it can be a service of great benefit to some.

” Our reality is, we can no longer ignore what is happening to our people”

If you feel that this could be of interest to you or someone you know?

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