In recent times there has been much discussion regarding wellbeing and mental health issues in the workplace.

If we look at  how things have changed in business and society over the past seven to ten years there is no doubt the pressures that people are experiencing  have incrementally  increased with unfortunately negative consequences.

Without solely placing the blame on directors and boards there is from my experience a sense of apathy by many, citing “that this is not our problem”, well that ostrich response signals how out of touch some individuals and organisations still remain. This is an issue which I believe we are grossly underestimating it is with us here and now and the prospect it will improve without action is pure folly.

These are not matters which can be dispensed with a stroke of a pen, they are issues which need a deep commitment to try and resolve and as we struggle to cope with their alarmingly increase affecting a wide cross section of our population. Unfortunately this problem falls in the category of “too hard basket” and for some especially in the older generations involved in management have difficulty in coming to terms with.

I think rather than ignoring the problem, the strategy of maintaining future profitability will depend on how we make provision for such investment in our people.  It has become a modern day clique to trot out “our people are our most valuable asset”, knowing full well we are deliberating avoiding one of the important issues occurring in the workplace today.