Advancing People Skills- Banyan,The Next Phase?

In the last couple of years I have spent most of my time in an advocacy role speaking about the need to at least maintain and improve People Skills in our workplaces and society. Something of which I am still passionate about, I  have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciative of the many interactions with some great people with whom I have interacted.

I now feel using my considerable experience and knowledge coupled with a strong sense of practicabilty  I can have a bigger impact within organisations and amongst individuals who are dealing with challenges of  eroding and education of people skills together with other organisational  people issues. Always striving to keep abreast of the ever changing matters in the workplace and beyond which are affecting people.

That experience constantly reminds me that when problems exist a combination of commitment and common sense is applied, good outcomes can be achieved.

I am ready to explore opportunities to meet clients requirements throughout Australia, as they may arise.

Always ready to connect.

Please find attached my latest video on  advocacy and services Banyan  can provide:



Ken Wood