A Tin Can Education- Book Publication

Today marks the publication of my latest book ” A Tin Can Education “.

The motives for penning this book were undoubtedly not inspired by the prospect of making me personally wealthy; it retails for a rather modest sum.

As my career moves towards the direction of the end rather than the beginning, I firmly believe people of my generation must pass on what we might have experienced and learned.

In my experience, the observation by others of the glamour of continually taking to the skies has to be balanced with other inconveniences it brings to one’s life. What I would concede the euphoric moments encountered are to be treasured. Furthermore, it proved the platform for my personal development and career.

My contention is, we regularly debate the things that divide the different generations but rarely discuss matters which are common to both. Travelling by air is one such topic.

I do not claim that the book covers all aspects of flying, there are many more stories that can be told. It a light read that I hope readers can gain some knowledge and benefit.