Hello, cards on the table for those who don’t know me I am partial to a chat, in fact it is one of the things I live for and has been a major component of my business throughout my career.

I  am fortunate to continue to meet a wide range of people, all who have a story to tell, some fascinating, some sad but all with their own unique perspective on life.

It would come as no surprise to anyone that when engaging with people I am witnessing that there is a growing number in our community who are struggling to make sense of their current predicament, whether it is in business or direction in life. The forces at play either economically or socially have become a huge burden that some people now struggle to contend with and unfortunately the signs are that this trend is exploding at a rapid rate.

One might be expected to launch into some complicated theory how you might “hold it together” during these rather difficult times as we stagger seemingly from one crisis to the next; it is though many people are in a permanent state of flux.

Once again I find myself being drawn back to the often teachings of my mother which, generally I tended to swat away like an annoying fly. She repeatedly said “A trouble shared is a trouble halved”.

One could never imagine how profound that advice could be not just for me but for a great many people I meet.  I have now been acting as a coach and mentor in various capacities for thirty plus years and the words of my now 92 year old mother have never been so on the money.

In my experience the simple act of sitting down with someone, whether is a friend, professional coach or a group of trusted people who have your interests at heart; can elevate your thinking to a level which can break you out of what may have become a personal vicious circle and give you courage and guidance to face and act on the problem. If conducted correctly it has the potential to unburden problems that have been present for a long period and inhibiting a person’s ability to live a great life. One would also comment that sometimes it is necessary to guide someone to seek professional help.

From teenagers working towards forming a career and a life to the troubled mature worker or business person who has concerns where their respective lives’ are heading. I can put my hand on my heart and honestly profess that in my experience it is a very worthwhile exercise and for my perspective always enthuses me to do more.

With regard to the resolution of issues of people in business there is absolutely no doubt in my mind, it is most effective way to obtain a positive outcome. Even though we might comment that relationships with employees in the workplace have taken a hit over the past decade the one thing we do know when efforts are made to create or mend a relationship there is an excellent chance favourable results can be obtained.

If we are really committed to creating a better society we need to reflect on how maybe we can assist people in working through their problems, it could be a $3.50 cup of coffee or a voice on the other end of the phone , the possibilities are endless, all is needed is a sense of goodwill.