Today under instruction from my dear wife, I accompanied my youngest son Matthew to his driving lesson to act as an observer, I must say I had a good deal of trepidation before the event.

Matthew had three lessons already and had informed us he thought he was progressing ok. To be honest I doubted his assessment (a black mark against me), by displaying a lack of trust in my son.

I was introduced to the instructor and he commenced the lesson, Matthew settled into a sense of rhythm and was acquitting himself well although I was still a little nervous.

The thing that struck me was the calmness and professionalism of the instructor, he certainly dispelled any nervousness I might have possessed and my son took instruction well and good interaction was clearly visible. His tutelage was clear and precise with none of those raised voices you hear about when drivers are taught by relatives.

That led me to the further thought how we operate in business today, we tend not explain things well and get hot under the collar very quickly (like a father and his son).  Today the element of trust has unfortunately been diminished, this gentleman showed me it is possible to revive it.

My esteem for driving instructors has grown immeasurably, he taught two valuable lessons, one for Matthew and another for his old man.