I have to report to you that last week was “full on” with a couple of speaking engagements, a rather testing meeting with a client and some general mentoring at my local university. I pleased to say all the outcomes achieved were very positive.
At the weekend in my quieter moments I began to reflect on the various events and came to the following conclusion.
We are all aware that the economic cycle is running against us for the first time in many years and it has emerged some parts of our community are finding it tough.
The work I mentioned above all had the same requirement they were looking for some level of support to get them through difficult times they were experiencing, Support comes in many different guises it does not have to extend to high consultancy or speaking fees. In many cases it can be the acknowledgement that the person’s efforts are of value, a word of encouragement often will suffice showing a degree of optimism that the person or persons can latch on to. One must be careful not to sugar coat where the situation is rather grim but just to listen.
I know the above may seem to some as obvious as we discuss and tackle a myriad of business issues on social media ( LinkedIn Included). In terms of my own experiences when we make concrete efforts to increase our awareness of those around us can benefit people enormously.