A Group of a Few Good Men

13th October 2019

The definition of “Balance “, can mean a lot of things, it can apply to your physical state, your work against your life, it can be a variety of different issues happening in your world.

The simple fact is, in most people’s lives at some time or another, it can get out of kilter, and disrupt your life.

Given the constant turmoil that seems to be occurring in our environment at the moment. Is it no surprise we are witnessing such an outbreak both in and men and women undergoing heightened emotional stress.

Thoughts about the present and the future, their particular place in the world, have all surfaced within some cases, causing dramatic consequences and outcomes.

This article is not intended to create a war of controversy between genders. Instead, the purpose is to highlight the position of some men in our society.

The historical facts regarding the treatment of women cannot be denied. They have been collectively exceptionally successful. In promoting the need for changes, aided and abetted by some high profile examples of unacceptable behaviours which have had a severe effect on their respective mental state. They have been able to establish support structures able to assist other women in working through their issues.

In the case of men, that process does not come as easy as the convention has dictated not to express emotions and feelings openly.

As a person who is intimately involved in working with both genders, I can discount the sentiment that men do not need a level of support from others.

I sharply discount the prevailing thought that all men have bad intentions and characters; it is misleading.

Many men do not deserve this categorisation. For one reason or another have reached a point in their lives where they may require some avenue to discuss and express their issues.

It reveals society’s black and white populist drift to the imbalance of thought and tolerance; it cannot be a healthy state of affairs.

So what to do?

A Group of A Few Good Men
I intend to canvass support for the establishment of a men’s group here in Adelaide, which I am prepared to facilitate.

If you have an interest in this proposal, please visit my contact page me via this website, and I can give you further details of what I have in mind.

Ken Wood