Conversations & Opportunities

As I work towards my 65th birthday in December, I thought it might be good to recount my conversations and intentions for the future, which may be of interest to some.

One of the first topics of conversation, without any prompting from me is “When will you retire?” it would appear it is the burning question on a number of people’s minds.

I usually retort that even if I was in a position to retire (Which I am not) I have no intention to put down my tools, there is so much more I want to achieve and contribute.

To date, my career has included periods as a corporate trouble-shooter, business facilitator, and people engagement specialist, extensively working here and across the globe.

My peers credit me with exceptional “people” skills with a good record of notable successful outcomes working for and consulting a range of organisations.

I am very passionate about trying to work through some of the most complex economic and social issues people are facing today. Evidence of this can be found by my numerous contributions on the social media platform LinkedIn.

Having been engaged in higher executive learning I now recognise the urgent need to concentrate on assisting others such as small business, students, young job-seekers and individuals, who may be feeling a sense of frustration and motivation. Whilst I applaud innovation and technology we can never forget people will always be part of the equation and for the remaining part of my career that will be my goal to contribute to working with people

It is my belief we have to introduce new ways to educate people and organisations to fit a very much changing evolving environment; I want to be involved in some form part of that transition. My skills extend to presenting and training to a wide range of audiences.

In my humble opinion, it would be such a waste not to utilise such a wealth of experience.

I operate with total flexibility, a sense of humour and practicality.

If you wish to have a chat please find my contact details below:

Ken Wood