5 Essential Business Lessons Learned- In the Life of a International Corporate Trouble-Shooter

Life as an international Corporate Trouble-Shooter, Interventionist & Coach

Ken Wood, Speaker
5 Essential business lessons learned

Could your organisation benefit from hearing from an experienced business practitioner with wide exposure to a range of companies both domestically and overseas?

Then Ken Wood is your man.

Let Ken enthral with stories of his vastly wide experiences and how he believes they are so relevant in today’ complex business environment.

A career spent as a trouble shooter living and working in over 30 countries, acting as an interventionist and coach throughout Australia.

Hear from Ken about:

• “The Art of People”
• Leadership before and now
• Culture
• Resilience
• Self- Awareness

Engagement- why it is one of the biggest challenges In our lifetime!

Drawing stories from his book, “From Coal Dust to Gold Dust, The journey of a coal miner’s son” An inveterate storyteller, he deals with practical experience from real life situations delivered with an passionate, humorous, style but maintaining strong and purposeful messages.

Ken weaves stories of intrigue, drama, personal challenges and vision into all his presentations.

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Bookings available at modest cost but with huge takeaway value for a range of audiences.

Contact him directly to discuss your needs

Email: ken.wood@banyansa.com.au
Website: www.banyanmanagement.com.au
Mobile: 0408811799